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Are you tired of all these moribund ‘Best Of’ lists? Do you wish for a year-end books feature that’s substantial, personal, and refreshing?

It Is

Behold The Millions’s annual Year In Reading series! Each year, we invite prominent writers and thinkers to name the best book or books they read between Dec. 1, 2011 and Dec. 1, 2012 regardless of publication date, genre, or language. If your favorite books were, say, A Dance to the Music of Time and In Cold Blood, you might contribute a brief paragraph or two about one or both. 200 words would be plenty; more is also welcome. Here’s a link to this year’s main index, and here are some examples from this year’s participants: Jeffrey EugenidesEmma StraubChoire Sicha, and Ben Fountain

Our lineup is pretty stellar if we say so ourselves, but we’d like to make it even better. That’s where you come in. We want everyone out there to share their own Year In Reading posts on Tumblr (or personal blog/website). All month, we’ll be following the #yir12 hashtag on Tumblr and Twitter, checking out your responses and linking to/reblogging some of our favorites. This should be a lot of fun, so spread the word and start sharing!

Happy posting!


Oooooo we love this so much! 

Get excited for the WWLA #yir12 post, which I just now decided is coming soon.  Looking forward to reading all of yours!

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